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H.M. Tesselaar

A greenhouse built with diffused glass, an organic multi-year plan and in-house breeding and innovation techniques. H.M. Tesselaar is a Preferred Supplier that benefits the complete supply chain.

Niels Tesselaar, owner: “Our nursery in The Netherlands as well as our nursery in Kenya are FSI certified.” The Preferred Supplier points at a section filled with small, green plants. “This is young crop. The flower stems are shorter in their first year but stronger and better quality. They’re sturdy stems with beautiful, fresh flowers. This lot will hit its peak just before International Mother’s Day.”

The perennial plants are under a constant watch and innovation in the greenhouses have priority. Every year, there is room for a new variety to flourish among the existing crop. Willem Dekker, Sales: “Only varieties with added value or that will complement the core selection make the cut.” In 2016, the second Tesselaar greenhouse was built in Kenya. Willem: “It allows us to delivery top grade products also in wintertime. We grow our flowers on a mountain plain with lots of sun by day and cold at night. These are the best conditions for Alstroemerias.”

The much sought-after Alstroemerias are year round available and at their best between May and October. Niels: “They get the longest hours of sunlight in that period.” H.M. Tesselaar does integrated cultivation, which means that the level of chemical use is limited to a minimum. They choose for an organic alternative where possible. The latter is also applied to light and carbon dioxide. “This is diffused glass. Incoming sunlight is much better spread allowing the plants to take up more carbon dioxide. We do not have to protect them from sunburn anymore.”

Preferred Supplier H.M. Tesselaar has more good news: cut begonias! Niels: “It’s starting to catch on. These are one of the many benefits of being a Preferred Supplier. I have the liberty to discuss different customer groups with Ruud and research their demands.” FleuraMetz buyer Ruud Duijvenvoorden: “These products add value to every bouquet and arrangement. H.M. Tesselaar is a grower that puts himself in the shoes of his clients, who knows how things are done and who runs his company with a clear vision. You don’t have to take my word for it, just try any product from H.M. Tesselaar and you’ll know it’s true.”